It’s not just the resort’s remote location – nestled in the heart of the six-million-acre forested wilderness of the Adirondacks – that makes Lake Placid Lodge the stuff of your social-distancing dreams.

We know, travel has been in a weird place, as a result of the pandemic. But despite that, many US travelers are eager to get out of their homes and hit the road – just in what they deem a safe and secure way. This has led to the recent growth of a particular travel segment: road-trippers looking for remote destinations and hotels. And one such location that is primed to deliver? Lake Placid Lodge, nestled in the heart of the six-million-acre forested wilderness of the Adirondacks. Still, a remote location aside, there is more than one reason this lakeside resort is the stuff of your social-distancing dreams.

Reason #1: It’s Located in a Tucked-Away Destination That’s
Easy to Drive To


Like we said, this is perhaps the most obvious motivation, but it’s really hit home on so many different levels at the lodge. For one, for many Northeast locals, it’s no more than a seven-hour drive at most in any direction, whether you’re coming from Northern Maine or Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. And the drive itself, once you enter the Adirondacks, is downright delightful thanks to scenic forested climbs amongst the mountains and lakes. As for the destination, Lake Placid may have hosted two Winter Games, but it is a quaint village at heart, especially as it’s two hours from the nearest major city of Albany, New York. But to make the lodge feel even more remote, it isn’t even technically located in the village, but about three miles outside of town, through the woods, where it sits on the southern shores of Lake Placid. And you won’t see any other neighboring resorts competing for lakefront space – it’s actually the only resort perched on the water’s edge

Reason #2: The Vast Property is Home to Varied &
Spread-Out Accommodations


A total of 30 accommodations make up Lake Placid Lodge. But we’re not talking 30 in one building. We’re talking scattered across the sprawling property, between the Main Lodge (which is only home to 5 rooms, two of which are suites on the top floor), the Lakeside Building (home to six suites), 17 individual stand-alone lakeside cabins, and two overlook rooms right at the edge of the lake. If you don’t ever want to see another guest, this is the place that it can become possible.

Reason #3: It’s Conducive for Digitally Disconnecting


This has always been the case as cell reception is spotty out here and there’s just one single TV on the property (in Maggie’s Pub). But the beauty of this fact now is how much travelers are craving – yet struggling – to disconnect from their devices and streaming services. That’s because, in response to the recent need to socially distance, we’ve become more digitally connected than ever – not just in our daily jobs, but our daily personal lives, too (i.e. indulging in the latest Netflix series, scores of digital happy hours, social media as entertainment, etc.). So if you’re at all worried about not being able to peel yourself away, the lodge almost forces you to. Besides, once you set your sights on that glassy, five-mile-long lake accented by the 4,867-foot Whiteface Peak – the fifth tallest of the 46 High Peaks – in the distance, the last thing on your mind will be “I wonder what new Hulu series are premiering this weekend?”

Reason #4: There are Dozens of Ways to Get Out & About – Safely – at Your Fingertips


Again, the property is sprawling, offering a slew of on-site activities without the need to worry about breaking social-distancing parameters. We’re talking golfing (there is a course just next door), lake kayaking or cruising aboard the resort’s 36-foot mahogany Hacker-Craft, fishing, hiking the property’s various trails – and that’s just in the warmer weather. Winter brings cross-country skiing and snowshoeing, ice skating, ice-fishing, snuggling up beside the outdoor firepits, and more. But as rambling as the property is, so too are the surrounding Adirondacks, filled with hundreds of additional ways to get out in nature.

Reason #5: There’s Delicious Dining that Will Satiate Your Appetite for Something High-Quality


Normally, to get a high-caliber meal, you need to head to the heart of your nearest city, right? Wrong. Lake Placid Lodge is actually a Relais & Châteaux resort, a distinction earned largely because of its legendary farm-to-table Artisans restaurant – only open to lodge guests at this time – that makes its home off the lobby. The menu regularly changes based on the bounty of local vegetables and meats that the chef has access to. Think light watermelon and mint mingling on summer plates, heartier beets and turnips in the fall, local Moulard duck breast, foie gras, and Adirondack beef cuts. Private dining experiences are also available for savoring in utter seclusion.


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