Recently called one of Architectural Digest’s most beautiful hotels in the Adirondacks, The Sagamore Resort has served as a Victorian-era icon on Lake George since 1883 – and not much has changed since.

In 2018, Architectural Digest called The Sagamore Resort one of the “Top Seven Most Beautiful Hotels in the Adirondacks” referencing details like it’s “massive white-clapboard wings” and “fashionable resort activities including golf and sunset cocktails in the midst of rolling hills.” That’s high praise considering the region has been the summer home to moguls and millionaires since the 1870s when the Rockefellers and the Vanderbilts first built their extravagant Great Camps. While the area is known for impressive rustic homes and resorts, Lake George has always had a more refined style. Taking its cue from the luxurious mansions lining Millionaires’ Row (Lake Shore Drive) in Lake George, The Sagamore Resort is known for its refined Victorian style that is alive and well as ever today.

Victorian Glamor & Grace

Victorian Sensibility

There is something intrinsically appealing about symmetry, whether the beauty of a symmetrical face or the grandeur of the Sagamore’s symmetrical colonial revival facade. The two grand wings clad in white clapboard stretch in either direction from the three stories of balconies held up by stately neoclassical columns. The entire building creates a sense of luxury and style.

Victorian Glamor & Grace

Lush Courtyards

While the resort building is all about symmetry, the grounds are not. On one side of the lawn are a series of cascading terraces complete with lounge chairs and two pools. The other side is unobstructed lush green grass perfect for picnics and family-friendly games of tag and frisbee. The two sections are bisected down the middle by a series of small, hedge-enclosed terraces that lead to the waterside buildings like the Lake House, the Pavilion, and the launch for the resort’s replica Victorian-era steamboat which takes guests on tours of the lake.

Detailed Interiors

Built in 1921, the resort features the luxuries of Victorian design. Hardwood floors gleam in the ample sunlight let in through the windows. Each room is a work of art complete with intricate wainscoting and decorative cornices. Chandeliers light the hotel’s shared spaces while the hand-carved grand fireplaces offer a warm corner to meet around after a long day on the water.

Victorian Glamor & Grace

Luxurious Décor

In true Victorian fashion, each detail of the resort’s décor suggests luxury. From the rich, warm woods used to build everything from side tables to china cabinets and dining sets to the thick, intricately patterned rugs, each item brought into the hotel is dedicated to both comfort and beauty. You’ll see it in the wingback chairs around the fireplace and the exquisitely crafted writing desks in the guest rooms.


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