Lake Placid’s pristine wilderness and isolation from the busy digital world make it the perfect escape, and these four attractions are unique to the rugged region.

Authentic Adirondack Furniture

Anyone can say that they have rustic decor, but can they say that their furniture was both inspired by and built in the Adirondacks? Owls Head Mountain Rustic Furniture features original designs crafted by artisans around the state of New York with resources gathered largely from Upstate New York, including camp furniture crafted from hickory, cedar, maple, and willow wood, all strongly evoking the rustic splendor of the region.

Railbike Exploration

See the Adirondacks via a Rail Explorers’ Railbike, and travel across parts of the Adirondack Railroad that the general public has not seen since 1980, when the region’s train tracks were largely abandoned. The pedal-powered two- or four-person Railbikes allow you to roll along these forgotten railways with guided tours and a view of the lakes and mountains you won’t get from the driver’s seat of your car. Be sure to book your trip well ahead of time because the attraction is currently only open in July and August of 2016.

The Wild Center

Exploring the flora and fauna of the Adirondacks doesn’t have to involve an all-day hike through ancient forests. The Wild Center, located 40 minutes west of Lake Placid Lodge along US 3, is home to a plethora of creatures tough to glimpse in nature, including flying squirrels and baby wolves. Spanning 81 acres of land, the center includes exhibit halls and a butterfly garden alongside the only elevated walk-through treetops you’ll find in New York.

Olympic Sports Center

Catching Olympic-caliber athletes up close is no easy feat, unless you’re in Lake Placid. The area was home to both the 1932 and 1980 Olympics, which means a visit here allows you to relive the magic of the United States’s “Miracle On Ice” victory over the Russian national hockey team, among other legendary moments. For a taste of the preparation that goes into making an Olympic athlete, take the elevator to the top of Whiteface Mountain, and watch the ski jumpers defy gravity for a spell, or barrel down the bobsled track with a trained guide in the wintertime.

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