Delray Beach and Boca Raton, though located less than 10 miles from each other, offer distinctly different vibes. We compare the two for guests staying right in the middle of it all – at Delray Sands Resort.

As a guest at Delray Sands Resort, you’re afforded a great luxury when you stay here. Yes, that might be most apparent in the amazing oceanfront views afforded by the 115 rooms’ furnished balconies and award-winning dining at Latitudes. But we’re also talking about the activities and experiences to be had in the neighboring towns. That’s because the resort, already known for being located within easy striking distance of Delray Beach to the north thanks to its perch on Highland Beach, is also just another five miles to Boca Raton in the south. The beauty of this central stance is that you get the experience a bit of the best of both worlds between these distinctly different towns – Delray Beach being known for its funky-hip attitude thanks to eclectic art colonies and museums, while Boca Raton is a bit more “boujee” with high-end shopping and dining galore.

Of course, it’s not a one-or-another choice – you can, and should, enjoy both. Still, here, we put them head-to-head to see which town scene speaks to you most.

Best Arts Venue

Delray Beach: Arts Garage

Arts Garage is a visual and performing arts center that shines a spotlight on all artists – from the local, amateur variety (check out the Grassroots Gallery – free, and open to the public) to the Grammy-award-winning kind, too. An unconventional mix of genres, including rock, soul, alternative, hip hop, and country hit the stage on a regular basis. Check out the events page to see what’s coming up.


Boca Raton Museum of Art

Boca Raton Museum of Art

Boca Raton: Boca Raton Museum of Art

The Boca Raton Museum of Art has a rich permanent collection of pieces mainly made up of 20th and 21st-century art across media – think drawings, watercolors, photographs – plus ancient art from the Americas and even African sculptures. While other museums may have larger collections, BRMoA prioritizes quality and how the pieces connect to one another and fit into a larger tapestry.

Best Brush With Nature

Morikama Museum & Japanese Gardens2

Morikama Museum & Japanese Gardens

Delray Beach: Morikami Museum & Japanese Gardens

It’s hard not to develop an appreciation for Japanese cultural traditions after a visit to Morikami Museum & Japanese Gardens. The six distinct, intricate Japanese gardens, known collectively as Roji-en, stimulate your senses and bring about a tranquility that we could all use more of. Be sure to check out the museum, too.

Boca Raton: Spanish River Park

The Spanish River Park is a jewel of a park and beloved by locals: rarely crowded, clean, plenty of parking, and easy beach access. The well-maintained flora makes it the perfect place for a refreshing walk and a light picnic in the shade before hitting the beach.

Best Mid-Day Meal

Delray Beach: Over the Bridge Cafe

We have some recommendations for patrons of this popular brunch spot: Try the loaded breakfast tot-chos, baked brie, or chorizo breakfast tacos as a starter. You’ll wonder how they could possibly top it, and then you’ll order the short rib hash, mushroom breakfast flatbread, or one of the other delectable entrees, and you’ll understand. This is a spot you’ll want to return, so you can order your runner-up choice.


Mariposa at Neiman Marcus

Mariposa at Neiman Marcus

Boca Raton: Mariposa at Neiman Marcus

There is a handful of Mariposas scattered at Neiman Marcus stores around the country – from Beverly Hills to Chicago to Honolulu – and the appeal is clear: shop ‘til you drop, then order from a simple but delicious globally-inspired menu in a chic setting. Customers highlight the Roasted Salmon Filet and the Chicken Paillard Milanese as favorites.

Best Golf-Related Adventure

Delray Beach: Exhilaride Golf Cart Rentals

For some, the quiet thrill of a round of golf is scooting around in an electric golf cart. Exhilaride Golf Cart Rentals taps into that feeling with their street-legal golf cart rentals. It’s an easy way to explore Delray Beach – from the beach itself to downtown – on any street with a speed limit of 35 miles per hour or lower. With carts that seat up to six, the whole family can ride, too.


Osprey Point Golf Course

Osprey Point Golf Course

Boca Raton: Osprey Point Golf Course

Osprey Point Golf Course is one of the best public courses that you’ll find in Florida, and 27 holes – three nines, in other words – mean you’ll never tire of the challenge. The forgiving fairways make it suitable for all skill levels, and the natural vegetation (and no bordering houses!) make playing feel like a serene Floridian nature walk, too.

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