From secluded tropical paradises to lively on-the-water adventures, Clearwater Beach has a lot to recommend for vacationing couples.

Island Bliss

Every beach vacation demands some on-sand time, and Clearwater and the surrounding area are loaded with options. Head to the aptly named Honeymoon Island State Park just north of Clearwater, and take a leisurely walk full of rainbow-hued shells and graceful shorebirds.

Be Two with Nature

Caladesi Island Reserve has a reputation as one of the best beaches in America, and from Honeymoon Island, you can take a short, peaceful ferry ride out to one of the most secluded spots in Florida. The three miles of undeveloped beach are best explored by foot, and you may run into scuttling crabs, rabbits, and even a near-sighted armadillo sniffing for food.

Jet Away

Making your own extended guided tour of Clearwater by way of Jet Ski is a blast. Fin’s Jet Ski offers tours that last from one to three hours and can cover as many as 20 miles from Caladesi Island, out into the reefs, or onto the open ocean. If you don’t have the need for speed, rent a tandem kayak from Fin’s instead and paddle out to Three Rooker, a tiny sandbar perfect for joining locals and watching the waves crash in.

Juggling Thrills and Relaxation

Pier 60 gets a ton of press for its nightly shows, which pairs live music with buskers juggling flaming torches and unicycling on the boardwalk, and that spectacle is well worth checking out. If you’d like something quieter to cap off your day, pull up some beach chairs further down Clearwater Beach, and watch the sunset together with the roar of the crowd safely in the background.

Dinner by Sunset

If you’re looking for an evening escape and good food, Columbia Restaurant is breathtaking, with its fresh seafood and huge bank of windows that overlook the Gulf. It’s highly recommended that you make a reservation for 30 minutes before the sunset and watch the moon rise over the darkening waters, with the restaurant’s signature Café con Leche Martini in hand.


Sandpearl Resort

Surrounded by fine dining and just a two-minute walk away from the beach and local parks, Sandpearl Resort lets you dive in a zero-entry pool, kayak alongside dolphins, and enjoy stunning works from its artist in residence.

Opal Sands Resort

The brand-new Opal Sands Resort features 230 balconied rooms with views of the ocean, waterfront dining, and a full-service spa made for couples, all steps from the beach and shops.