A weekend getaway to the Lake Placid Lodge sans kids can be a (long overdue) rejuvenation for parents. Start dreaming: We’ve got the perfect itinerary for you.

The dividing line between those pre- and post-children days is often stark, but no more so than on the topic of travel. Those who may have gleefully hopped on a last-minute flight out of the country can find themselves squarely grounded to a 100-mile radius once children arrive. Rest assured, however; it is possible to take a child-free couple’s weekend – and parents will return more relaxed and happy, when the destination is as romantic as Lake Placid Lodge.

A sprawling and private retreat hand-built in the Arts and Crafts tradition, the lodge is a sort of adult Eden nestled onto the edge of Lake Placid. This is place built to reconnect, down to the single TV on property; the “bird-nest” beds custom-built by a local artisan almost demand a lazy morning; and once you do get up, the active options in the mountains and village are varied enough to help every kind of couple revisit the spontaneity of their pre-children relationship.

In order to make the most of your short escape from domestic life, we’ve put together the perfect itinerary for the kid-free couple, balancing adventure with uninterrupted pampering.

What to Do the Month Before You Leave for Your Couple’s Weekend

This is supposed to be a relaxing getaway, not only for you as parents, but also for your kids. Use this list to make sure you – and they – can rest easy.

  • Find the Right Caretaker If grandparents and nannies aren’t an option, consider striking a bargain with a close friend: If they keep yours, you’ll return the favor down the road.
  • Leave an Itinerary Particularly for younger kids, leave the caretaker with a typical itinerary of how a day breaks down for them. Of course, include essential phone numbers, such as your mobile numbers, as well as the main number at Lake Placid Lodge, and the usual suspects: the pediatrician, school, local friends, etcetera.
  • Talk about the Upcoming Trip with Your Kids This will help them prepare for your departure – and even get excited, as well as ensure a quick exit. A countdown calendar can be helpful for younger kids.
  • Don’t Check-in Too Often Once you leave, avoid the urge to check-in too frequently. This could make you, the caretaker, and your kids anxious. Once a day should suffice.

Saturday – Morning

The linens are soft and warm, the beds are deep and inviting, the fire is crackling in the stone fireplace, the lake sparkles just outside the windows – and there are no children tumbling through the door at 6 a.m., begging for cartoons and breakfast. Take advantage of your chance to have a slow, serene awakening, even if that doesn’t happen until nearly noon. 

Saturday – Lunchtime

Don’t be alarmed at how strange those first few hours can be without the cacophony of kids as the soundtrack of conversation. There may be a few awkward silences, but that will dissipate quickly. Ease into an adults-only getaway by heading down to Maggie’s Pub to relax, grab a casual lunch, and (finally) catch up over a leisurely drink by the fire.

Saturday – Afternoon

As a parent, activities are often dictated by what is appealing to children. You’ve got a temporary reprieve from playing with Legos on the floor, so make the most of it by getting outside and getting active.

  • Grab one of the resort’s mountain bikes and a map of the trails that run by the lodge’s front door.
  • Arrange to go horseback riding at Emerald Springs Ranch in Saranac Lake.
  • Connect with local guides for rock climbing and whitewater rafting adventures.
  • Enjoying your couples-only weekend during the winter? There’s skiing on Whiteface Mountain, which has the longest vertical drop on the Eastern seaboard, or a thrilling ride down America’s only Olympic bobsled track at the Olympic Center and Museum.

Saturday – Evening

Yes, every hotel wants to recommend its restaurant for your big dinner out, but if being honest, most hoteliers in the Lake Placid region would recommend Artisans, Lake Placid Lodge’s legendary farm to table restaurant. This is a place that pioneered that style of dining experience and continues to offer a variety of fresh takes on it, from an ever-changing vegetarian dish (based on what’s freshest that day) that receives raves to beer-pairing dinners.

Sunday – Morning

A couples-only weekend is the perfect chance to let someone work out those neck and shoulder knots that tighten from the tensions of everyday life. Indulge completely with one of the lodge’s in-room massage treatments.

Sunday – Midday

As one last hurrah, jump aboard the resort’s 35-foot mahogany Hacker-Craft for a quiet tour around the lake before packing up to make the journey back to the kids.