Not the type to sit on the beach for seven days? We have the guide for the thrilling and extravagant adventures you can only find in Opal destinations.


Drive A1A Boulevard in an Aston Martin

You’re never going to be James Bond, but you can emulate him by renting an Aston Martin or one of dozens of other high-end cars from this Miami shop and taking a speedy scenic drive up Florida’s east coast to envious stares from drivers of less flashy cars from South Beach’s slow crawl to the wide-open road near luxurious Ponte Vedra Beach.

Opal Grand Resort | Delray Sands Resort

The Space Nut’s Dream Adventure

Florida’s Space Coast is the wannabe astronaut’s dream spot, and you’ll want to start your trip with zero-gravity training aboard a supersonic L-39 jet, visit the Kennedy Space Center for a full-day training and live simulation of spaceflight in a realistic mock shuttle, and if you’re very fortunate, catch sight of a shuttle launch from Port Canaveral.

Jupiter Beach Resort & Spa

The Best of Both Coasts

If you can’t decide whether you want to stay on Florida’s east or west coast…don’t. Instead, spend two days in relaxing North Palm Beach, then hop aboard an Aura Jet for a 45-minute flight west to Longboat Key and a limousine ride to your resort, where you can sharpen your tennis and golf games for the next two days.

Jupiter Beach Resort & Spa | The Resort at Longboat Key Club

To the Adirondacks, by Helicopter

Leave the city behind with your partner in favor of hikes in the Adirondacks and relaxing lakeside at Lake Placid Lodge and The Sagamore Resort. A chartered helicopter from Boston, New York City, or a handful of other Northeast cities transforms your rush hour into an amazing two- to three-hour journey over the city skyline, foothills, and finally, to your destination just in time for a four-star dinner lakeside, ringed by 4,000-foot peaks.

Lake Placid Lodge | The Sagamore Resort

Your Own Cottage by the Sea

The Flume Cottage at the Samoset sits on a narrow point that juts out over the ocean, but it’s no ramshackle New England shack. You can kick back in 1,500 feet of cottage space with Atlantic breezes blowing through the windows, sink into a massive hot tub, and take every meal next to the glass railings on the wide porch without giving up the service you expect from a four-diamond resort.

Samoset Resort

The Ultimate Golf Weekend in Florida

If “golf enthusiast” is the gentlest term your friends use to describe you, plan your next Florida trip around some of the best courses in the world. With enough time, you can tee off at the legendary Players Course Stadium at TPC Sawgrass, the marathon 45 holes at Bobby Jones Golf Club in Sarasota, and Ocean Hammock Golf Club, which has been called the “Pebble Beach of the East.”

The Resort at Longboat Key Club