Make your own “Miracle on Ice” by reliving the Olympics for yourself in Lake Placid.



At the Olympic Sports Complex, the Lake Placid Bobsled Experience puts you in the trusted hands of a professional driver and brakeman on one hurtling, plummeting trip down the track. You’ll start at the half-mile point mark, the same as used by Olympic racers, and race around the track and into the straightaway, topping out at 55 miles per hour.


USA Luge Fantasy Camp at the Verizon Sports Complex goes a few racing steps further than the bobsled run, putting you through two to three days of on-ice training. Then it’s a feet-first slide down the ice with you in complete control.


There are few places in the world where you can take on this Norwegian sport, combining cross-country skiing and target shooting. At the Cross Country Lodge, following a safety lesson, the Be a Biathelete program will have you quickly appreciating the mix of skill and strength necessary to steady your breath long enough to take your shot at the gold.


Two of the four rinks at the Lake Placid Olympic Center are open for public skating and have a direct link to Olympic fame. In front of the Olympic Center, you’ll find the outdoor speed skating oval (open in the winter), the same place where Olympians Jack Shea and Irving Jaffee won 1932 gold medals. Or go inside for public skating and be surrounded by memories of the US Men’s Hockey Team’s improbable Miracle on Ice victory over the Soviet Union in 1980.

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