Noticing a room in your home in need of a bit of a refresh? Why not take a page from the recently renovated spaces at The Resort at Longboat Key Club.

Nautical décor doesn’t have to rely on your classic symbols of the sea: rusty anchors, salt-crusted ropes, and tarnished compasses. In fact, during the recently-completed top-to-bottom resort renovation at The Resort at Longboat Key Club – which included the 226 rooms and suites, lobby, and restaurants – the design team took nautical to a new and oh-so modern level. Rather than a saltwater-worn schooner, picture a style more akin to a sleek, luxury yacht thanks to dark polished woods, marble accents, and herringbone tile patterns. So if looking to conduct a little reno of your own, here’s how to get the look in your own home.







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