Noticing a room in your home in need of a bit of a refresh? Why not take a page from the design of Delray Sands Resort’s oceanfront restaurant, Latitudes.

Back in 2014, when developing the look and vibe of Delray Sands Resort’s on-site seafood restaurant, Latitudes, Opal’s design team knew they wanted to pay tribute to its oceanfront location – after all, the restaurant’s floor-to-ceiling windows showcase pristine white sand views of the Atlantic. But the final result was far from your typical nautically infused décor of salt-encrusted ropes, lobster traps, or weather-worn wooden signs. It all was borne from the unconventional theme of “bubbles.” Yes, you read that right, bubbles. Think hand-blown glass bubble chandeliers, glass- paneled windows filled with water that actually bubbles, and chrome diver’s helmets. It’s a bit like dining inside an aquarium, something guests are never soon to forget. Here’s how to get the look.





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