As summer wears on, you may want to mix up your days beyond the pool and beach. We highlight alternative ways to keep cool in destinations near Opal Collection hotels.

The dog days of summer have officially set in. And while the pool or beach is always the go-to place to retreat to in the face of increasingly warm temperatures, here, we highlight your not-so-obvious ways to beat the heat in Opal destinations.

Thunder from the Ocean [Bar Harbor, ME]

If you enjoy a good sea breeze – and maybe a bit of spray from crashing waves – head to Acadia to check out the iconic Thunder Hole, perhaps the park’s most unique natural wonder. Though it may not have the same impact when the sea is calm, when the tide is right and the waves start crashing to collide with the pocket of air contained in the small cave in the inlet, visitors will hear the sounds of booming thunder and get a visual spectacle – waves shooting high into the air – to match.

Chill out with a Movie [Tampa, FL]

A theater has all the ingredients you need for some fun out of the sun: snacks, entertainment, and that precious A/C. Tampa Theatre’s Summer Classics movie series lives up to its name with films like “The Graduate,” “Reservoir Dogs,” “The Wizard of Oz,” “Grease,” and “Casablanca.” A staple in Tampa since 1926, the theatre is now a protected community landmark and exists as a living throwback to the days when movie houses were outfitted with opulent decor and conveyed the entertainment available inside with a glittering marquee.

The Tampa Theatre

Nature’s Water Park [Jay, NY]

Think of it as nature’s waterpark. Located 20 minutes northeast of Lake Placid in Jay, the Covered Bridge Swimming Hole, as it’s come to be known, offers visitors multiple pools to swim and wade in and natural slides to scream down. The swimming holes themselves sometimes get deceptively deep – so keep an extra close eye on the kids if you’re bringing them – but it also adds to the adventurous appeal. There’s also plenty of space on the side (and shade from the trees) on the flat rocks to sun or picnic.

The Coolest Cars [Naples, FL]

At first glance, The Revs Institute looks like a car museum – but in a way, it’s art, too. Housing more than 100 “significant” cars that were built between 1896 and 1995, the collection is one of the finest in the world. You’ll shake your head at how they just don’t make them like they used to, and marvel at these rare, beautifully designed vehicles. From BMWs to Bentleys to Porsches – lots and lots of Porsches – even those who just consider cars a way to get from point A to point B will enjoy exploring this museum on a hot summer day.

The Rev Museum

The Neighborhood Soda Shoppe [Dania Beach, FL]

While it’s roughly a half-hour south of Delray Beach, Jaxson’s Ice Cream Parlor is worth the drive. In fact, The Food Network named this old-fashioned parlor one of its top-five “Cool Quenchers,” so yes, you could say it’s a decent spot to escape the summer heat. Providing diners with an authentic slice of Americana (check out the license plate collection – from every state – put together by the owner himself), the place has been in operation since the ’50s and still hand-makes all the ice cream, including unique flavors like cappuccino, piña colada, and crunchy peanut butter.

Beat the Burn [Jupiter Beach, FL]

You don’t have to be exposed to the Florida summer sun for very long before you feel the burn – sunburn, that is. But rather than slathering on the drugstore-brand aloe vera, head to Jupiter Beach Resort’s hotel spa to recuperate with the Soothing Sun Wrap. Featuring green tea extract to help reduce redness and irritation, this nourishing, full-body cooling and therapeutic wrap calms inflamed skin while replacing lost moisture and restoring vital nutrients.

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