If you came to Key West, you likely looking to experience the local flavor. And there are no more flavorful joints that these amazing Key West restaurants.

From Cuban coffee to classy bars to adults-only desserts, we share the can’t-miss Key West restaurants for the perfect island-wide food tour.

7 Best Places to Eat in Key West


Located just three miles from the hotel, The Breakfast Club Too has a great breakfast but is known for their fun and artistic flair. The bar is designed to look like a giant treasure chest filled with liquor and is decorated with an old-school diver, eels, and a giant squid and octopus floating off in different directions. If you can take your eyes off the amazing wall art, check out their Bloody Mary menu. They are known for serving up the best Bloodies in town and offer 12 different iterations, including a scotch version, an extra spicy version, a BBQ version, and the Monster Mary which is served in a quart-sized mason jar.

7 Best Places to Eat in Key West

Mid-Morning Coffee

Since the first location opened almost a decade ago, Cuban Coffee Queen has become the Starbucks of Key West: You can’t walk down the street without bumping into someone with a cup of their traditional Cuban coffee drinks in hand. While on the island, trade in your caramel macchiato for a cortadito, a double shot of Cuban espresso with cane sugar and steamed milk, or a Cuban caramel coffee. But note: Their coffee is strong – it will definitely get you energized for whatever else you have planned for the day.

7 Best Places to Eat in Key West


Between the cane back chairs and stylish leather armchairs, Latitudes at Sunset Key Cottages embodies the Key West that literary legend Ernest Hemingway loved. You can almost picture him sipping his signature whiskey soda on the patio. For lunch, try one of Latitudes playful takes on traditional dishes, like the Cubano, which elevates the standard sandwich with turkey breast and pork belly and mojo sauce in place of mustard.

7 Best Places to Eat in Key West

Mid-Afternoon Snack

If you start feeling peckish later in the day, make a quick stop to Sloppy Joe’s for a pint and one of their classic Florida apps like the smoked fish dip, a blend of smoked fish, cream cheese, and herbs that you scoop up with club crackers. The best part of this stop? No matter when you make it in, there is always live music keeping, even in the middle of the afternoon.

7 Best Places to Eat in Key West


One of Key West’s more colorful outdoor dining destinations, Bistro 245’s graphic blue and green dining area looks out over the water and the marina just a few feet away. Evenings here always include a spectacular sunset over the water, though what’s for dinner is up to you. The menu boasts light dishes like the island gazpacho (a local favorite) and heartier meals like the truffle-crusted grouper. Don’t forget to ask your server about wine pairings, as their wine list is two full pages.

7 Best Places to Eat in Key West


No foodie tour of Key West is complete without a pitstop to Better than Sex. This adults-only eatery offers cheeky desserts (like the Italian Stallion, a layered espresso, amaretto, and shortbread cake) that are to die for in a setting that can only be described as over the top, campy romance. Think chandeliers, candles, red silk, and velvet everywhere.

The Roost in Old Town Key West

Night Cap

Hidden in an intimate space on Fleming Street in Old Town, The Roost is a blue-walled gem of a boutique bar that, in addition to slinging classic cocktails, also sells the spirits that go in them (that’s right, it doubles as a package store!). Try The Great Cormorant, a refreshing take on the traditional champagne cocktail, mixing St. Germain, prosecco, and club soda or the bittersweet See You Next Tuesday, featuring Key West Gin, cucumber, lemon, and the Italian digestive Amaro Montenegro.

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