Collier County was recently named the second-healthiest county in the state in a nationwide study out of the University of Wisconsin. Here’s your guide to good times without the gluttony in Naples.


A Dose of Vitamin D

The sun is good for you (in moderation), relaxing is good for you, so some time stretched out on these gorgeous beaches far from the stresses of emails and conference calls  will be great for you. Edgewater Beach Hotel has easy beach access if you want to relax on the sands and enjoy the waves crashing in. If you fancy something more active, scenic Lowdermilk Beach is just a half-mile jog south, and this popular local spot has many pickup games of beach volleyball to participate in alongside soft sands.


The Naples Sangha holds weekly two hour meditation sessions, some truly peaceful time away from the hustle bustle of downtown. If you’re looking for something more involved, try the four-day course at Zen Den Yoga, which mixes yoga, healthy eating, and meditation in one package.

diVINE Spa

One sign that Naples takes health and relaxation seriously: There are more than 30 spas in the Naples area. Only U-Topia Spa comes right into your Edgewater Beach Hotel room for massages, facials, and other treatments, so you don’t have to go out to relax.

Staying Active

Journey through the Everglades

If you’re an explorer at heart, you can’t do better than one of the nation’s largest parks, where alligators slip by while you canoe or kayak the 99 mile-long Wilderness Waterway, and you can startle and watch shorebirds while you  bicycle and hike your way through more than 60 miles of wetlands and forest from three different access points within an hour east of Naples.

Beachfront Yoga

Local instructors with the Wellfit Institute lead a weekly class at 9 a.m. on Saturdays  that rotates through some of Naples’ most scenic beaches, so you can fill your lungs with salt air during a lowkey workout on the sands. If you’re looking for something very different that still keeps you on close to the water, the Wellfit Institute offers paddleboard yoga classes in the ocean just a few blocks away from the Edgewater Beach Hotel on 7th Avenue North.

Walk the Naples Botanical Garden

All that scented air has to be good for you, right? Add in the opportunity to walk or bike the well-maintained trails that extend for miles through vivid gardens, past storks and other fauna, and around two pristine lakes, and you’ve got one of the most scenic walks in the Naples area.

Healthy Eating

Food & Thought

Food & Thought delivers with low-carb, freshly sourced ingredients and raved-about dishes like “the Body Bowl” featuring rice with a ton of toppings and spicy sauces, all served on a casual, open air patio with tons of fragrant flowers. You can also snag your morning smoothies and fresh-ground coffee here to start your day off right.

Dietician Central

There are at least 25 dietitians in Naples, so if you’re looking to tailor a healthy eating program or pick up some tips while in town, you’ve found the right vacation spot. If you have a grasp on your diet but aren’t sure where to get your favorite meals, try Dish by Chris DeLuca, which features customized, fresh meals delivered to your Edgewater Beach Hotel suite during your Naples stay.


Grilled salmon, seared scallops, and other fresh seafood are served alongside ocean views at Coast restaurant’s terrace at Edgewater Beach Hotel. Bonus: It’s one of the best places to catch a Naples sunset. This is vacation so pair that sunset with Coast’s Grilled Pineapple margarita with Sauza tequila and torched fruit.


Edgewater Beach Hotel

Between the bike rentals at the ready to explore town and the seven miles of eminently walkable beach just outside the hotel, you don’t have to stray far from this all-suite hotel to find a way to relax and stay active during your Naples vacation.