What we love about Lake Placid doesn’t start and end with the Olympics, which put Lake Placid on the map in 1932 and 1980. How about secluded wine tastings, afternoon hikes, and a cell phone–free weekend?

1.) Private Tastings

Sommeliers turn romantic evenings into a world tasting tour in the private vaulted brick wine cellar at Lake Placid Lodge surrounded by hundreds of wines.

2.) The High Peaks

More than 2,000 miles of hiking trails along New York’s tallest mountains make for an intense workout with gold-medal-worthy views, like the 5,343-foot-tall Mount Marcy, the tallest mountain in New York State.

3.) Taking Home a Piece of Paradise

Locally crafted oak and cedar end tables and birch bark plate covers just scream Lake Placid decor. The Adirondack Store on Saranac Avenue sells all the accessories to turn your own home into an alpine village retreat.

4.) Saddle Adventures

Winter sleigh rides through the Adirondacks or summer trail rides – either way, views of the lake are even better when in the saddle with Adirondack Equine Center & Horse Rescue.

5.) Solitude

This quiet village makes it easy to shut off the phone to take in a book by the lake, indulge with afternoon fishing, or simply escape from the city noise. The Lake Placid Lodge purposely has just one television on-site (in Maggie’s Pub), so you might as well give in.

6.) Confectionary Delights

Hike-worthy treats come in the form of Lake Placid Chocolatier’s artisan chocolate bars, named for the Adirondack High Peaks. Our pick, Cascade Mtn: milk chocolate packed with cranberries, pistachios, and candied orange peel.

7.) High Speeds

Lake Placid has played Olympic host twice, so it just wouldn’t be a trip here without barreling down a track in a bobsled at 55 miles per hour or sliding feet first on a luge.

8.) Scenic Tracks

Rail transportation transformed the Adirondacks in the early part of the nineteenth century, bringing wealthy families along with loggers, trappers, and hunters. Today, traveling those same tracks to Utica explores their historic ride along remote forests.

9.) Frothy Beer Steins

Learn the art of Schuhplattin (slap dancing) while sipping on German suds at the annual Oktoberfest, set at the base of iconic Whiteface one weekend every fall and teeming with lederhosen, Bavarian live music, and gondola rides. For beer beyond that weekend, check out Lake Placid Pub & Brewery, serving the freshest microbrewed ales and lagers, including its flagship Ubu Ale, a rich, dark ale that is a favorite of former president Bill Clinton.

10.) Seeing How the One Percent Lives

The Great Camps of the Adirondacks were built up by American royalty, like the Morgans, Ballantines, and Vanderbilts, who wanted lavish family compounds with all the comforts of home. Which is why some homes include their own bowling alley or movie theater. Seek these private homes out with a cruise across the lake or on a self-guided tour.

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